is there a printing error in the HP 50G Quick Starrt Guide?


In the copy of the above mentioned guide that came with my HP 50G, on page 4, line 9 the reader is directed to "press the EDIT menu key...".

Reasonable enough except for the fact that on the calculator itself, there is no such key.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, including pointing out how I might have gone wrong. This Quick Start Guide I have is identified as Edition 2.


Without having looked at the manual itself, could they possibly have meant the soft menu?


Han is correct, it refers to the soft menu, F1. (note this is in Algebraic mode, when the up arrow is pressed the labels above F1..F6 change with EDIT above F1)


Hi there. Please indulge me. What steps are needed in RPN mode for F1-F6 to behave this same way (with EDIT on F1?



Ah, in RPN mode you have The Stack, for which I'm sure you have The Nack (sorry, couldn't resist ;-).

To get a similar situation, you have to enter it as an equation, '1+1' , duplicate it and EVAL. You then have 1+1 on level 2 and 2 on level 1. Press the up arrow twice - because of the stack you now have other stack commands as the soft keys, with EDIT on F3. Press NXT for more stack commands.


My original question, regarding instructions to press a key that seems not to exist, brought several responses that speak to various aspects of things, including reference to "soft memory".
All of the above are interesting, but they leave hanging the original quesstion, unless, as I speculated, the instruction is a misprint.

I've used an 11C for many years, it's a fine scientific calculator, possibly this 50 g is to much for me. That being said, why tell people to press a key that isn't there, or am I missing a salient point? If so, what might that be? Might the answer be found somewhere in the 887 page Users Guide or in the shorter, but still lengthy, 184 page Users Manual.

The foregoing is not intended to criticize any of those who have responded. I'm simply curious.


The example shown is for the calculator in algebraic mode and the edit key is the left most soft key or F1. In the figure below item 9 you will se the soft key legend in reverse text exactly as it appears on the screen.

If your flags are set to use choose boxes you will most often have the soft key menu that includes edit displayed and it seem it will return there as well, however if you check flag 117 for soft menus then the soft key setting will change when you select different menus. There may be a option that will take you back to that menu short of resetting the calculator but I have not found it yet, however as pointed out above when you move the cursor up from the bottom line the edit softkey will return, however in RPN mode it seems it is F3 and not F1.



Now I can see what you mean... ;)

"press the EDIT menu key..."
Yep, it is correct, no error: "press the EDIT menu key", not "press the EDIT key". You are correct, there is no such key in the keyboard.

As mentioned in the last follow-up by Paul Berger, figure 3 - in the same page - shows how the LCD should look like. There you see at the lower-left corner, the EDIT key as a menu choice.

Hope this helps.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 17 Nov 2012, 6:54 p.m.



Thanks to both you and Paul Berger.

I will have to study/digest the information.



Somehow you have already pointed that out:

Might the answer be found somewhere in the 887 page Users Guide or in the shorter, but still lengthy, 184 page Users Manual.
I consider myself lucky for following the 'user side' of the HP calculators after the HP41. I bought an HP48SX at that time and felt amazed with the possibility of saving the calculator data in a disk by using a computer. I still have the original case with cable + adapter and both floppy disks. As the new models came out - 48G series, 49G, 49G+ and 50G - I made my best going ahead, but I must confess I did not read the entire HP50G AUG... yet.


Luiz (Brazil)


I have sent for a 50G manual, described as the users manual that HP used to supply with the calculator, a printed book of 160 + pages, as described. Hopefully this item, when it arrives, will answer any number of questions not really addressed by the small Quick Start booklet provided with current packaging. There is, if this fails, the Users Guide offered by Eric, at his site.



Did you get a CD with PDFs with the calculator? There should be a 184 page User's Manual (downloadable here) and a 887 page User's Guide (downloadable here). Eric sells the User's Guide in printed and ringbound form.

Another manual that is useful is the Advanced User's Reference (downloadable here), Eric also sells printed copies of this.

Edited: 23 Nov 2012, 5:05 p.m.



My 50G package included the CD you reference. As to other manuals, I downloaded PDF's from the HP site, and may eventially get round to ordering printed copies, given my dislike for extensive reading from a computer monitor. Thanks for the thought.

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