HP-65 "restored?" with extras on ebay


Hello all,

Currently, and until just after 5 o' clock tomorrow (PST), there is a very nice looking HP-65 up for grabs on ebay. No one has yet to make an offer and I'm wondering why. It would seem to me that a calculator in this condition would sell in a heartbeat. Can anyone shed some light on this? The item number is 121018963391



Looks good to me...



No one has yet to make an offer and I'm wondering why.

Because 450$ is quite expensive for an HP-65, even in that condition. I currently have two of those, one in similar condition and with a functioning _original_ battery pack, no rebuild, no nothing. Neither of them cost more than 100 Euros. On eBay!


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You have to be lucky for those deals though. I got a very nice 65 for 50 Euros. The listing had a fuzzy picture and the seller said he could not test it. In this case this was true, and it looks and works perfectly.
I took a gamble and it payed of. On other occasions I received a wreck instead.

And if you are really lucky, you can even find a clear one, plus a 70 plus some woodstocks for $5 (as seen a few posts further down). Unfortunately I have never been that lucky.

But if you are not that lucky, you have to pay higher prices. Like I did for my 67 (also in very nice condition) for just over 200 Euros.

I have to agree though, $450 seems a bit steep.


But if you are not that lucky...

Luck is always part of it, but more important is patience. Prices and demand of calculators are not constant, but rise and fall. Two or three new collectors with near-unlimited funds who are in a hurry to put together a nice collection can drive the prices up by a factor of two or three within short time. We've had quite a few of those here over the years. It can be totally different again in six months.

To save me from bancruptancy, I started two or three other little collections that I devote my attention to when calculator prices are soaring up again...

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I completely agree, patience is key. My purchase of a 71B is a good example. A few years ago I "let one slip away" for £70, as it was just too much for my pocket at the time, and it had a sun-damaged keyboard too. Then prices soared to over £200 (partially fuelled by dealers such as Garboco, I suspect), and I had basically given up on ever acquiring one. However, last year I managed to get a good condition unit for £37, with HP-IL. I try to keep to the prices in the collector's corner of this site. If the price goes up too much I say to myself "maybe another time", and if never then it's just too bad. To me these items are has-beens of yesteryear, nice to look at and lovely to have - but I can't take them to the grave with me (I'll just have to make sure they go to someone who treats them with respect!). There are many people with more financial reserve than me, and it is good that they can buy and preserve these items of history. I will just wait patiently for that deal.

Of course, getting a lovely job-lot for $5 is luck, like winning a lottery. For that, I can just dream :-)


The same seller has a similar condition (i.e. MINT) HP-67 for sale at a much lower price - but no 'extras'.

HP-67 Restored



The same seller has a similar condition (i.e. MINT) HP-67 for sale at a much lower price - but no 'extras'.

Still too expensive by a factor of two.


A reduction of only 21.4%, still well overvalued in my poor world :-)


I bought a 67 on ebay two days ago for AUD$25 (buy-it-now price - item 181025654478)- no photos, but apparently it is in "excellent working condition". Looking to see how this gamble pays off! I never get this lucky ...

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Well, the auction ended and the same one has been relisted at near the same price, but this time, without the "or best offer" option. I have reason to suspect that's because someone (me) offered him $100 for it! I'd really like one of these, the whole magnetic card program thing just astounds me. But at $399, I guess I'll just have to wait. That is unless anyone here has one they'd like to sell!

On a sort of related note:
Awhile back, I was poking around on ebay and found an HP-35 security cradle with the HP-35 still in it! It was listed as non-working, but something about it told me that was not true. I got it home and sure enough, it didn't turn on. I wasn't about to let that stop me, however. I tried running it from the wall charger and EUREKA! IT WORKS! Sure enough, that could only mean one thing,the shorting bar at the top needed bent in a little. I also helped myself to its power switch, which was different from my other HP-35's. On my HP-35 (an early model) the switch had raised plastic all the way around the rectangle. On this late model one, the plastic was raised so that it would only contact the grooves that it was supposed to click into. This meant that it would provide more of a "click" when it was turned on and off. It was very interesting (and comforting) to see that HP paid attention to things like this and revised their design accordingly.


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