downloading HO 229 v. 2,0 from HP 49/50 Astronomy Programs list


The above mentioned program is listed, along with a number of others at the referenced page.

I'm unable to download it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


Just clicking on the link works here:


Thank you for the comment/suggestion.

I've gone that route, and perhaps I'm being dense, but what comes up does not appear to be a working program. It is possible, perhaps likely that I'm missing something here, but that's the way the thing looks.



Based on what is written in the readme.txt, the original programs have been rewritten in System RPL, and now they must be handled as a library instead of a set of programs in a directory.


Luiz (Brazil)


Hi Al,

As Luiz has already said, the file is a library and should be handled as such. Copy the file L1488.hp onto the calculator. Go to the folder you have copied the file onto and recall it to the stack ( 'L1488' RCL ), then store it in port 2, for instance, ( 2 STO ). Do a warmstart ( ON+C, that is, press the ON key, press and release C, release ON ). Go to the libraries menu ( press the right shift then the '2' key). If you don't see a folder named 'H0229', press the NXT until it shows up.

Hope that helps,



Gerson & Luiz:

Thanks for sticking with me on this business. I wonder as to why the thing was "rewritten" as a library, which seemingly serves to complicate things. Alas, it isn't my program, so who knows. I believe that I had best get together with a computer knowledgeable friend, much more knowledgeable than Iam, and have him review the proceedure you outlined.




Hi, Al;

if you allow me, I'd like to make some considerations about that.

I see some particular reasons that lead HP48/49/50 program writers to convert their codes to System RPL and create libraries instead of user RPL programs and directories. First, after a system memory loss (not the one after removing the batteries) the library contents are not lost (AFAIK it applies to the RPL models mentioned above). Second, as a matter of 'code protection', Sys-RPL libraries need specific applications in order to be created and edited while user RPL programs allow changes that might crippled them if the user decides to change something. Of course, once you want to inspect the code to learn some techniques or to actually improve it, I see no problem at all, provided you aim for this. And third, as the author himself wrote in the readme.txt file:

Version two has been converted to System RPL for much better speed. The conversion to System RPL has also allowed for a slightly better user interface.
Some functionalities allowed with the use of Sys-RPL are not offered in user RPL, hence the consequential improvement.

I hope you read these considerations of mine as references for a fair judgment. I would never try to change your mind about this subject, but I thought I might shad some foreign perspective. Would that be OK?

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)



Thank you for the additional comments/information.

What I perhaps should have mentioned before, didn't think of it, is as follows.

While I have an HP 50G, quite recently acquired, I was trying to download and use the program (HO 229 v. 2.0) on a laptop computer running the Microsoft Expedia OS.

Generally speaking, my experience with HP Scientific Calculators is limited to my 20 + year old HP 11C. The 50G looks like a whole lot more machine than was/is the 11C.

Hope this clarifies my questions.


Hi, Al.

I must confess I thought about the possibility of you being a new user, and that was the main reason I wrote the follow up. Thank you for clarifying.

The 50G looks like a whole lot more machine than was/is the 11C
It is! I emphasized the verb in the present because I think the HP11C is still a great calculator. I also have an HP11C but it was acquired some six or seven years ago when I had the chance to. I have been using an HP15C since the 80's and it is quite close to the HP11C in terms of operation. Mater of fact, apart of a neglectable number of differences, the HP15C is kinda HP11C with extras. And I like them both.

I also use an HP50G and have already written some programs for it, along with the HP11C and HP15C. Programming them is a good neural activity, the change in paradigm makes us reason somehow. It's good for the brain cells. In terms of usage, some tasks are easier to perform in the little ones...

I tried to find more references to Microsoft Expedia OS but all I only found references to street navigational aids. Is that it?
Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 14 Nov 2012, 5:19 p.m.



Re your close, "street navigation" is not what I'm looking for, Celestial navigation is the quarry.

The program here involved is a computerization of the Navy Tables For Marine Navigation, a 6 volume set of large, heavy books.



Must have slipped a mental gear re my reference to a laptop with Expedia OS.

Actually Vista is the OS on the elderly laptop that I have.

Sorry for any confusion caused.

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