Im looking for a HP RPN calculator, which one is good to get?



I wanted to get a RPN calculator but the only new ones that ive seen on the market is an HP financial and the HP48/49.

I just want a HP Scientific that has Reverse Polish Notation. Can any one give me some advice on how to find one, which ones are the best, and how much money I might be spending?

Also does anyone know of any good websites that would teach me how to use RPN?



Here is some info on learning RPN.

You can find calculators at the classified ads and other places. As for best and the amount of money, you'll need to supply some parameters. I'm not sure if you need my idea of the "best".


Sorry for the vague post but im not really sure what im looking for yet, because im not sure whats availiable.

Im a first year university student taking engineering. I use a HP-30S scientific right now and I dont really like it. I also have a TI-83+ but Im not allowed to use it in any of my classes because of the graphing.

Its hard to enter long equations and work with numbers on my HP-30S and Im looking for something more efficient. Im going to eventually buy a HP-49G but it might not be for a while and id still need to have a nice scientific.

Thanks in advance.



if you are not allowed to use a graphics calculator, you'll not be allowed to use the HP49G as well, neither any 48, nor any of these: HP38/39/40G: they're all graphics calc, too.

It seems to me that you can try any of these non-graphing: (no specific selection order, only the not-so-rare RPN models)



HP11C or HP15C (the HP10C is too valuable and rare for the job)

The HP42S would also be a choice, if it's not a graphics calculator...

Hope you have success.


Im getting the 49G for assignments and stuff like that. thats why i want a scientific for quizes and stuff.

other than the internet, do you know of any other places that i could try looking?

Thanks for the response



I am in Brazil, I'm not sure about how easy would it be to find HP stuff in your place. Anyway, this is the best e-place to ask about it.

Have you tried the MoHP Classified adds? It is a lot safe and you can simply get in direct contact with the guys.



K.C. said:

"Its hard to enter long equations and work with numbers on my HP-30S and Im looking for something more efficient."

If K.C. wants to be able to enter complete equations into the calculator, wouldn't that limit the choice of HP's to those with a memory stack and algebraic capability like the 28C/S, 48S/SX/G/GX (-/GX+? or -/G+?), 38G, 39G or 49G? Entering an equation in RPN is a matter of evaluating it numerically step-by-step, in a more efficient way than the "Algebraic Entry" systems.

I know the 28C/S can be programmed to display graphics, but isn't it true that they don't have graphing functions (other than primitive bitmap operations) built-in? If so, and if K.C. wants both RPN and symbolic equation capability, in a machine without graphics capability, the 28C or 28S would be the choices.


Hi, Ellis;

the HP28S offers plotting resources, say, it's not necessary to create a program to plot the graphics of an expression or equation. In fact, it can plot even discrete data, as the one used in statistics, but it has only dot resolution.

There is a PLOT menu for the HP28. It is a graphics calculator alright, with math ploting habilities.

Just my US$0,15.



I have been looking around and i think that these calculators would fit me best:


Now my problem is finding one, im not even sure if I will be able to afford one.



undoubtedly, the HP32SII is the easiest to find. Then you try to get any HP41 (C/CV/CX) or one of each HP11C/HP15C. As a rare piece, the HP32S will be a bit harder to find.



I found a couple 32SII's on ebay but there really expensive, there are some 15C's too but also expensive. I'll keep my eye out on the classified board though. Is there anywhere else I could try looking.



I picked up a 32SII on clearance last Tuesday for $29.95. They had another and I was seriously tempted to pick it up for ebay but I left it.

The classifieds section here is sometimes less insane then ebay especially if you get to know people or have something to trade but I find that most of the cheap calculators are local.


You could by an Hp19bII. Used, they run about $50 on ebay and still are available new for about $120-135. It is the same form factor as a 28s (also still usually reasonalble on ebay). Actually a very good calc with lots of features, I just prefer the simpler layout of a pure scientific, but the 19B does have trig, great solver, great stats, and also units conversions.


Should I be looking in some sort of small private stores or would larger stores even chains carry a HP RPN?



Office supply chains carried some HP calculators and have sold them at clearance prices from time to time - I got a 39G for $25 at an Office Depot store about a year ago, when HP's list price was still $90.


I saw several HP-10BII (I know, not RPN) at a K-Mart on clearance for $24.00 -- some of those stores may be clearing out the last of other models as well.

(I probably should have bought one, just to have it, but a non-RPN, non-Scientific, non-programmable doesn't excite much interest . . . ) (Maybe for eBay in a couple months?)

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