Looking for indicative price on HP110


Maybe it doesn't quite fit here, but...

Does anyone know what you could expect to pay for an HP110 or it's (slightly) bigger brother, the Portable Plus?

Can anyone point me as any site that deals with collecting this type of equipment?

(I want a ballpark price so I neither get ripped off nor insult someone by offering too low a price.)


I bought a 110 with a (maybe, have to check) non-working battery for $25 on eBay some months ago. unfortunately I payd another $25 for surface shipping to Europe

I bought my Portable Plus with a 2225B Thinkjet and an 9114B drive for ~$150 here in Austria, but that's years ago.

Does anybody know, where to get Software for these little machines ?


Hi Steve and Reinhard,

HP 110s sell pretty cheap. (~ $20). I've bought several with 2225 ThnkJets and 9114 disk drives for around $60 to $75. There's not much interest in them and they seldom get many bids on E-bay. I have a pile of software for them but getting time to copy it is going to be difficult.

FWIW these are MS-DOS (*NOT* PC-DOS) machines. They will run software that adheres to the MS standard but a lot of software doesn't. Lotus is an example, version 1 should word on them but version 2 probably won't since it writes directly to the video memory. Version was designed to work on IBM PC-DOS compatible machines and not on standard MS-DOS machines. However there was a version that was modified for the 110. Probablyonly the very early PS software will run on the 110 without being modified. Nost of the later software was optimized to run on an IBM and is not MS compliant. The HP 150 had the same problem.

The good news is that when the 9114 was used with the 110, it wrote and read the disks in a standard MS DOS format and not a LIF format like the other HPs used. That means that you will be able to read and write the disks on a modern PC. You should have no trouble reading and e-mailing 110 software.


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