The next Texas Instruments graphing calculator !



It is the TI-84 Plus SE with a color screen :



Been hearing about this for quite a while as they've been demoing it around in china for over a year, but this is the first picture I've seen.

I am interested to know if they actually are just doing a 3X pixel resize in most cases or actually did much in the system to really use a higher res screen.




From the announcement:

Screen resolution is 320*240.
They should have added that the picture shown in the display of the calculator is for illustration purposes... or else I'll buy one and demand Texas Instruments to provide it so. 8^)


Luiz (Brazil)

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They should have added that the picture shown in the display of the calculator is for illustration purposes...

You seem very sure.
Why wouldn't it be included in the software, as an illustration of parabolic curves?



I did not think of that...


This looks very similar to the Casio fx calcs. I purchased one a while back and actually find it quite fun despite some key placements that drive me mad. Anyway, on the Casio you can import photos/video of some event and then plot data points onto to the scene for further mathematical analysis. I think it came with a pendulum experiment you can extract data from for physical analysis. I haven't looked at that aspect much yet so I'm only able to give generalizations. Anyway, similar screen and layout and along the lines of what I was hoping HP would do someday. If you're interested you can go to Staples (among others I'm sure) and play with one (without purchasing). I couldn't resist buying one and use it when I'm brainstorming in bed at night because the display is backlit and easy to read.


The whole "picture plot" thing (Casio's marketing term) is actually pretty useless. At least that is teachers everywhere seems to say.



Yes, I wouldn't totally disagree with that. The screen is so small it's hard to imagine you could collect accurate enough data for a serious engineering application but I wouldn't go so far as to say it's useless. How many times did most of us do crude experiments in science classes in our early years that nonetheless spurred a few on to greatness later in their lives? Sometimes it's not the accuracy but the concept that intrigues, much like Legos, Tinker Toys and Erector Sets. So, no real harm done by including a capability such as this and who knows, maybe it will kick-start a young mind or two that will go on to save the world someday!

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Have to agree with that - well said. Make maths fun/interesting and you will inspire. It doesn't take much to make that spark happen.


If you want see real pictures of the machine :


And the HP 39gii shall compete against this new TI84 ?

The color screen would be 320x240, the CPU would be a z80, and the battery would be rechargeable.

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