33s Decimal Point


Hello all.

I would like to determine if the 33s I have is one with the redesigned decimal point in the display. What serial number designates the start of the newly designed 33s display?


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You can tell by this picture:





Am I seeing things or is the top 1/4 of the bottom row of digits blue on the new display?

I'm sorry. Just what exactly am I looking for in the difference of the displays? It's very difficult to notice the difference between the decimal points in the two photo.

Thank you.


Here is the original thread:


Please read message #40 for Jeff's more detailed explanations.
Notice the digits are slightly narrower in the newer display, thus leaving more room for the dots and commas.



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Okie doke. After reading message #40 and working my 33s, I see what you mean. Thanks very much.

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