A folding case for the 35s


My 35s came with the sleeve case but I'd really prefer to have a folding book-type case, mainly so that I could keep a couple of small notes with the calculator.

I think the 35s originally came with these but I've looked and haven't been able to find any for sale. I had an idea that maybe some kind of pda or tablet case would fit the 35s but I don't which pda/tablets would be close enough in size to use their cases. Anyone know?

I wouldn't be too choosy on the looks of one as long as it was black and had subtle styling.

Thanks for any help/ideas.


You can find them here and here.


Thanks Nate.

Seeing a picture of the case does make me wonder how people use them. I had imagined it would have flat covers and the front cover would fold around flat against the back of the calculator, and the calculator would lay flat on a surface while it was being used. But is that how people use this case? Or does it stay open like a book, or is it best to take the calculator out while using it? Does anyone have one of these, and if so, how do you use yours?


the case you're after is even worse than the calculator itself - this is been discussed here in more than one occasion.

short answer - cases fail in couple of weeks - useless, so nobody uses them, as well as the calculator - for different reasons.

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I use the calculator. And despite what many people around here say, I like it...


[...] how do you use yours?
I've always taken the 35s out. But as Reth said, both zippers soon failed. Stay away from it.

It stays open like a book. I have both cases. I almost always keep the calculator in the slipcase. I like the zipper case, but the slipcase is easier to use.

You can see a picture of the case with the calculator in it here.

It would probably be easier to take the calculator with you when shopping for a case.


If the OEM folding case is likely to fail, then I guess I'm back to looking for one that's made for another device (pda, calculator, tablet, or whatever) that will fit the 35s, and actually fold flat so I don't have to remove the calculator to use it. Anyone know of one that will work for the 35s (and hold it securely)?


I've had the HP 35s with the zipper case for four years with heavy use (during the school months). While a bit cumbersome to use in the case (with limited desk space in certain classes at my university) vs. the calculator naked, I find the case useful for stuffing program notes, examples, or a ToC sheet, as well as protecting the calculator with a hard shell. YMMV, but I think its a decent investment for protecting the calc.


Your zippers have not failed? On mine, which has not seen exceptionally heavy use, the zipper-closers close up the zipper, but then it pulls apart. The closers will hold the zippers together if you pull them to the long side of the case, but it is still an annoying failure.



I was once given an HP35S (thanks, GWB) and later I ended up buying another one a friend of mine was selling for pennies... one of them was lost/stolen, the other is still with me. Both cases had their two sliders broken.

I admit I actually find the case fancy, and it seems to be protective once kept closed. But that's all.

Hope you find yours.

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