SandMath Manual - at last!


After a long delay and numerous startings and postponements, I'm glad to say the SandMath Manual is finally done - and posted at the usual site.

It finally got to the point that I didn't remember exactly what was in the module, specially after adding the secondary FAT and the sub-functions - so I needed the manual too!

Won't win a Pulitzer prize but if you're interested in the SandMath then it'll be a great reading. Personally I think it's at the level of the 41Z Manual, hope you also find it interesting.



Very nice! Looking for rainy days and some idle times in between family and work ...

Thank you,

BTW: is there a typo on page 28 or didn't I get the wit?
"2.4.2. RCL Launcher – the Total Rekall."
"2.4.2. RCL Launcher – the Total Recall."


Thanks Roger - I'm afraid that's an internal wink to the SF series of the same name, you know the Canadian production... call it a poetic license of a teasing mind (writing those manuals is a very dire job! :-)


I like the most:

"Alea jacta est"

"Linear Regression – Let’s not digress"


"Math class is full of drama. There are so many problems to work out."





Thanks Angel. I have some reading to do. Your efforts are really appreciated
Regards John


Won't win a Pulitzer prize but...

I may contest that...


You'd probably have better luck contesting for a Nobel Peace prize. The qualification on that seems to have been exceptionally flexible the past few years... ;-)



Hola, Àngel.

¡Muchas gracias, amigo! Una magnifica fuente de informaciones. ¡"Sandmath" és una conquista formidable! ¡Congratulaciones!' (Thanks a lot, my friend. (It's) A magnificent source of information. "Sandmath" is a great achievement! Congratulations!)

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


Muito obrigado Luiz :)


Thanks a lot, Angel!
The layout and readability of your manuals are perfect!

Now all these powerful functions will never suffer the same fate as other jewels of code that lack documentation - SandMath will never vanish into oblivion!

By the way, may I mention a faulty page numbering in the latest PowerCL manual - something got messed up from page 50 onwards; there are also some typos, if you wish I could send you the references.

Thank you again!


Thanks Michael. Yes I got your remark on the POWERCL manual from the other thread; will eventually fix it but did I already say how hateful MS Word can be? I should´ve use Frame Maker but now it´s too late... but wait, it´s the pdf writer which creates the error so we´re trapped by the Windoze monster again!


Thanks guys, it´s a bit overwhelming response, anyway glad you find it useful. And thanks to Jean-Marc Baillard again for is long-distance runner work expanding the limits of our beloved coconut platform.




Thank you!


Gracias Ángel!

Gracias Luján!

Merci Jean-Marc !


Amazing, both the manual and the SandMath functions! Is it possible to have a physical module?

Here is my test of one of the functions:

01 LBL'S
02 2
03 X<>Y
04 Y^X
06 CHS
07 .5
09 SigmaFL# ; SigmaFL$ "LERCH"
10 21 ;
11 *
12 END

0 XEQ 'S --> 2.000000000
1 R/S --> 5.999999994
2 R/S --> 33.99999999
8 R/S --> 395226754.0
4 R/S --> 3394.000000
5 R/S --> 48966.00010
6 R/S --> 847713.9981
7 R/S --> 17121893.94
3 R/S --> 294.0000000

This evaluates the infinite sum

SUM(k=0,oo,(2*k+1)^n/2^k), where n is a positive integer.
The actual results are integer numbers, but these are quite acceptable.

Best regards,


Edited to fix a typo, as per Ángel's observation below.

Edited: 4 Nov 2012, 1:51 p.m. after one or more responses were posted


Hi Gerson, wonderful little jewel indeed. Now, will you disclose what´s the function programmed under "S" (which BTW I called "GWB" :-)

GWB(n) = 2^n PHI(1/2, -n, 1/2)

where PHI is the Lerch transcendental function...

PS. I see there's a typo in the SandMath manual, where for the stack contents of the output it lists the wrong values. You obviously figured it out!

PPS. typo in line 04 of your program, should be Y^X (or where you using an HP35? :).

Edited: 4 Nov 2012, 11:12 a.m.


Thanks - is manual has been added to my reading list.

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