The remaining models...



I just accessed the HP page for calculators and the only ones I find information about are:








Should we wave them a good-bye right now or wait a little more?


Just hold your breath for the enw lineup!!


Personally, if they are rebadging calculators this fall ala HP-6S type stuff, or it looks like the HP-30S, then they will stink.

There really has not been time to do anything else.

The new group is going to be some 5-15 people, AFAIK, and that's not enough to do much real development.

I don't have my hopes set very high. Perhaps I'll be surprised.


5-15? That's pretty small. And you wouldn't think they'd *all* be doing development, somebody's got to occasionally take a field trip to China, liason with production. Do you have any info as to location, that is where these 5-15 will be sitting?


At least there is a group of people working on it.

And you should think about new ways for business like "outsourcing", that could give same quality at less cost.

Anyway, you should remember that first, these people need to make money, so don't expect marvellous machines soon. But they must replace hp49 and hp39/40 lines in the near future.. so there is hope for new marvellous coming.

Best regards,


The outsourcing that has occurred so far has not resulted in good "quality" products like those of old.

Bad keyboards, hurried to market products, cheap knock-offs of other calculators. This may reflect better what is to come.

The new group has pretty much said that the new products will be outsourced. So far, that's not a good sign for the near future. If they have to "make $$", then this isn't a good sign either.

Remember, the calculators we all like were made when there were 1000s of people working on them in Oregon.

Now, we'll have a couple of dozen, tops.

Don't get your hopes set too highly.


Hi, Dave;

I am expecting the two mentioned financial models (HP meeting in London); do ou know something more? At least, something that can be exposed here?

Scientific new ones?



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