HP 35 Red Dot page


FYI the page with HP 35 Red Dots moved to a new location


Thank you Michael!



thank-you, but I don't see, in a quick preview, the difference between this and the old page. is the october upgrade only the move of the page, isn't it?
I think that new entries have place always on the bottom of the list, true?

best regards

Edited: 29 Oct 2012, 3:53 p.m.


There is added one Red Dot and one change in the lowest known S/N of HP 35 V2. New items are sorted according to their S/N.

I had to change pages due to change of my ISP. Old pages will remain at the original address until my previous ISP will delete them, they are not accessible to me for the update any more.


thank-you for the details, actually I've been too asty and not careful in reading.
Cheers from Italy



Are you the owner off the HP35 Red Dot page?
My HP35 is listed there without a picture, I would like to update it with his (or is it a her?) picture.

Kind regards



Hi Ronald,

yes, please send the images to my email address at the HP 35 Red Dot page, I'll update the list, thank you!

Best regards

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