William Wickes briefly introduces using the HP 48S/SX


In Graphing Calculator and Computer Graphing Laboratory Manual, Wickes wrote Section 9, "Working with the HP 48 Scientific Calculator" (25 pages, with a five-item Bibliography):

9.1 HP 48 Fundamentals (7 pages)

9.2 Graphing Essentials

9.3 Working in Interactive Plot Mode

9.4 Polar Graphing

9.5 Parametric Graphing

It's interesting to see Wickes do all this in such a small space, of course.

ISBN 0-201-56852-7

Addison-Wesley, 1992; reprinted with corrections, 1993

Overall authors Franklin Demana, Bert K. Waits, Chuck Vonder Embse, and Gregory D. Foley

(A supplement, published in 1994, has a 15-page section on "Graphing with the HP 48G," but Wickes seems to have had nothing to do with that.)


If you like Wickes' wonderful works, which I do too, you might also like HP41/48 transitions.


I note that it's on CD 12 of the HP Museum CD set. I'll look it up there. Thanks for the tip!


Sounds interesting but just had a look in my HP Museum DVD Set (Version 7) & can't seem to find it. Any suggestions of where to look?




I'm not sure which version I have, but on mine it's on DVD #2 under "Books not published by HP." Specifically, it's in /cd12/books/4148traw.pdf on the DVD.




I found it at CD9 in DVD version 5.0, under 'books' directory.


Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks for all the suggestions.

I was after the "Graphing Calculator and Computer Graphing Laboratory Manual" that Peter Murphy referred to & not the HP41/48 Transitions Book. I have some of Bill Wickes books already & thoroughly enjoy his in depth/back to first principles approach so thought it may be worthwhile reading his section in the above manual as well.




Hi Michael,

With a little care you can find many copies for sale, some of them dirt cheap, here: http://used.addall.com/

The site compiles offerings from a couple of dozen sites that themselves compile offerings from booksellers, so many listings are duplicates.

Sellers may be in Canada or the UK, not just the USA. Or even elsewhere.

I have the second edition, which has 204 pages.

See what you can make of the used.addall.com listings.

Best of luck!


Hi Peter,

Many thanks & will give AddALL a "shot".





There are also the HP48 Insights, in three volumes:

Part 1: Principles and Programming;

Part 1 HP48G/GX Edition (Principles and Programming, too); and

Part II: Problem-Solving Resources.

These came in CD9, 'books' directory, in my Version 5.0 DVD.


Luiz (Brazil)

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There are also the HP48 Insights, in three volumes:

Don't forget Bill's first HP calc book, "Synthetic Programming On the HP41C" from 1980, which brought together all the concepts of his many HP41 articles in the PPC Journal up to that point.

Jake Schwartz



(for the records, extracted from Wikipedia: "A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of "creating transformation" (cf. spiritual transformation). Its use and type varies according to the school and philosophy associated with the mantra.")

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