HP calculators for students in Idaho?


I saw this news.


I don't recognize the calculator in the photo. Is it even an HP? Is RPN going to be mainstream calculator for Idaho kids?


Neither HP nor RPN - just a plain TI-30Xa.

Cheers, Joerg


I concur, the calcualtor is a TI-30Xa.


Giving every high school kid in the school district a laptop computer will achieve only two things, neither of which is desired:

  1. it will give the kid yet another electronic device to play with
  2. it will waste a whole lot of taxpayer dollars

Throwing "technology" at schools does not increase the learning of students.


Sounds like more "empowering with resources"......ugh.


Technology, with the right attitude towards using them, is awesome. The laptop is a tool just like everything else.

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