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Hi everybody,

A simple question, I suppose; do you know if the HP-46 has an specific code-name? I know "Wizard" for the HP-45 (the first calculator with a codename)...maybe is it the same? It shouldn't as hp67 and hp97 have different codnames. The same for HP-29c and 19c.

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Neither the 'first business pocket' HP80, nor its printing counterpart, HP81.


Could be nice to ask Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz that question. He probably know either the codename or the reason for it is missing.

Perhaps the answer is in this book:

  • Title: "Codenames of HP Handheld Calculators and PDAs: Facts and speculations"
  • Arthour: Marc J. P. Staps
  • Published by: POCKET Foundations
  • ISBN: 9080293911 / 9789080293915

    I don't have the book but I'm considering to get it.

    Best of luck to your search.


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