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Hi all
I want to buy a HP 49G for a friend in Venezuela. (I live in germany). Are there any differences in the american calculator, spanish calculator or german version? Or is there only a difference in the handbooks??

If only in the handbooks... where can I get these in spanish? (f.e. as a PDF File)

Where can I buy really cheap a HP 49 G?

If anybody has an idea! Please help...

Thanks a lot!!



just about the handbooks (User's Guide). There are two specific guides that come with the HP49G: the basic User's Guide that comes with the calculator and the Reference Guide that can be downloaded.

You can download the User's Guide from this link. You can chose the language (English, Spanish or Portuguese), but it seems that only the User's Guide is available. I think that there are other sources, like www.hpcalc.org, that you can search for them.

If you do not find, e-mail me. I have downloaded some HP49G's docs when they were available, and I can e-mail them for you.

Best regards.

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