Samson Cables has a few HP 15C Limited Edition


If anybody missed the train, there's another chance.
I just secured one today, so now I can spread the word ;-)

$119.99. Quantities are limited.

Product page at Samson Cables

PS: I am in no way affiliated to Samson Cables, just sharing the find.


Quantities are limited.

That should say "quality limited, too" :-(

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BTW, hard to believe they're out of production already. Fixed costs have been paid and the demand was obviously given. If there's still a stock, I think we can account this to the outrageous price SC and the like requests.


Thing is that the prices have dropped dramatically, and they are still not selling anymore. The highest price on TAS is $135 and there are plenty available. Actually, Samson currently has the lowest TAS price. Once the novelty wore off and the quality did not meet expectations, the market demand dried up.


Ok. I had the initial price I paid in mind, below $90 iirc.

Out of interest, I'll try to follow the SC price until stock is sold out.


Is Samson Cables a reliable supplier? Unfortunately, the display
on my old hp-15c is getting to be unusable (creeping black in the
LCD). Also, is the new version a worthwhile replacement?



The reissue had some problems with the keyboard, which I believe were sorted out in later production (typically keys registering two entries for one press). I had one replaced (quite promptly) under warranty for that problem.

Katie collected and posted this bug list a while back that you should look over to see if there are any deal breakers for you.

That said, I use mine all the time and find it to be a good replacement for the older version, warts and all. It is *extremely* fast compared to the original, which has a quality all of its own :-)


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Is Samson Cables a reliable supplier?

I bought three HP 15C Limited Editions and they arrived in Greece after being sent to the wrong country (France) by the U.S. Postal Service. Samson Cables were helpful in tracing the error and keeping me informed as the package was rerouted to me.

I was also fortunate that none had keyboard issues even though they were from early production run.


Edited: 23 Oct 2012, 2:35 a.m.

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