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I have a 15C without the FCC symbol and compliance statement on the back. The serial number is 2514A03418. Since all other 15C's I have seen do have the FCC data, is this one a counterfeit model?



Chris, I would Chris assume it was sold outwith the USA in a market which did not require the FCC marking. I have an assuredly original 11C here with no FCC marking and have seen others with and without. I have noticed later HP calculators from Chinal all seem to have FCC marking as it is mounded into the case. Rest easy I say.



I am almost sure that, based on the serial number, it is a 1985 model - first two digits (25) + 60 - . I guess that these earlier units had no such mark, the statement is printed in their manuals, only. Anyway, would it be possible to post a picture of it? Chances are it looks like this one without the marks, right? Now I am curious...


Luiz (Brazil)

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(My memories mislead me, so this is not a FTZ logo).

However I didn't rest, and - who didn't expect that - this has been discussed before:

Museum of Highly Professional calculators

So in short this is a VDE (Union of German Engineers) logo, together with the 871B hinting at a certain level of immunity to electromagnetic waves.

A newer version of the logo could be found here:

German logo database

I guess that qualifies as "case closed" :)

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The sign is definitively no "FTZ" label. FTZ labels in the early 80s contained an eagle, the heraldic animal of Germany, and/or the term "FTZ-Nummer".


Likewise, my 1982 USA-made HP 10C, bought in Europe, has no such markings.


Here are pictures of my two daily drivers. A recently acquired german 11c (top) and a 15c bought in the US about 13 years ago (bottom).
Although it wasn't my first HP calculator (I had a 32S, 32SII and 42S and 48G before), it is the one that really got me into collecting them.
After buying it, it quickly changed status form a collectible to my preferred calculator for every day use.

Edit: Opps, forgot the picture:

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OK, here we go: back label of an HP10C, USA 1982 (serial #: 2256Axxxx)

back label of an HP16C, USA 1982 (serial #: 2228Axxxx)

Apart of the European considerations, is there any chance that the earlier models had no FCC statement nor symbol printed on their back labels? I know the HP16C I have was not bought in Europe, cannot say anything about the HP10C. Based on the serial numbers of yours, the HP11C is a 1985 model, and your HP15C is a 1988 model. Would these manufacturing dates have something to do with this? I also have an HP16C dated 1986 (serial # 2636Axxxx) with both the FCC symbol and statement printed in its back label.


Luiz (Brazil)

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Apart of the European considerations, is there any chance that the earlier models had no FCC statement nor symbol printed on their back labels?
It seems to me that the VDE regulatory logo was added on the back on the Voyagers around 1985-1986, and that it’s also around the same time that the HP silver logo was changed to a version less durable. I have no facts to justify this other than a few years of observations of on-line auctions pictures: I’ve often seen Voyagers with the VDE logo having also the HP silver logo worned out or missing, while Voyagers without the VDE logo generally have nive HP logos.

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I own an HP 15C that I bought new in the USA in 1982 and has the "A" in the serial number that indicates made in America. It does not have any FCC compliance statement on the back either.


I have an HP11C made in USA 1982 with no FCC compliance statement.

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