HP41CX, ext mem prob...


Hi there.

I have managed to save a program to extended memory with a non-printing character at the end of the name. Don't ask me how I managed it, I have _no_ idea. Well, the problem is that I cannot now purge the offending file, I just get 'FL NOT FOUND' each time, even though I use <backspace> in Cat4 to put the name directly in the alpha register.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can remove this file without fritzing the whole of memory?

Many thanks in advance.



Dear JasonG

for deleting the program-file find out the file position number in X-Memory. Enter this number to X-Register. Now execute EMDIRX which places the file name in ALPHA-Register. Last execute PURFL for deleting the program file from X-Memory....

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug


Hi Christoph,

EMDIRX does not exist in the standard X-Functions module.
I suspect it to be in either the X-I/O or the X-IL module.





EMDIRX is exclusively available in the HP41CX; maybe you'll find other equivalent in a non-standard HP41 module (e.g. HEPAX). X-IO does not have any, and... X-IL? I only know X-IO for the HPIL; is there any other? I'm curious.


Many thanks...this worked. :-)

Incidentally, I don't understand why the Cat 4 & backspace method to get the file name into the alpha register didn't work properly (no odd character at the end of the filename) but the EMDIRX method did...any ideas?



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