Non HP very early LCD Calc?


Long before I had an HP calculator I remember looking at an LCD model but lately out of curiosity I have tried to find reference to it but drawn a total blank. Now I wonder whether my memory is playing tricks.

I do not know the exact date but it was definitely before 1974. The display was either tilted or was tilt-able, the characters were fairly big, maybe 15 to 20mm although low contrast and I am pretty sure it was manufactured by Siemens.

Does anyone know what it might have been?



Maybe a Lloyds Accumatic 100?



Interesting... According to this site (I see you actually point to their picture) it had a filament lamp to provide backlight illumination. The LCD's low power feature seemed not to be the key, for they used a filament lamp to illuminate it.

Anyway, it was the first one. Looks pretty nice, though.

Luiz (Brazil)

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Wasn't really reliable. These guys dropped the technology in 1972 in favor of LED's. Cheers, Joerg


The calculator I played with was certainly about the size of the Lloyd one, but the display did not have a backlight and I'm sure I would have remembered the weight of four D cells. I am still positive that there was a German connection and I can still see 'Siemens' in my distant memory.

Oh well. I'll keep looking.





There was a Sears Desktop out but I remember it was identical with the above pictured "Rockwell" model.



very likely "Sears" and not "Siemens" - Siemens never built any calculators (actually neitehr did Sears - as Joerg said, the LCD desktop is a Lloyds OEM. Btw. Rockwell did not sell these under their Rockwell brand, they only did OEM. From the same timeframe there is a pocket calculator very much like the Minimath LCD, called Lloyds Accumatic 40, also available from other brands...)

Another possibility would be a Rapid Data Rapidman 1208LC (another Rockwell OEM). These were a bit later then the Llyods 100.

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