TI-58C Emulator now does RPN


Hi All,

I am glad to report that Pierre Houbert has added to his TI-58C emulator the ability to operate it in RPN. You will need to download at least one of three RPN skins to see the RPN-supporting keyboard. I have tried some basic operations and programming on the RPN mode (which you can switch from AOS). The emulators works fine. More advanced applications might reveal bugs.



Hi Namir,

Thank you Namir for the relay of information about the emulator.

In homage to your emulator HP67 which helped me in the understanding of RPN, I have created two skins "HP67" for my emulator (AOS and RPN) and two themes "HP67".

I continue my quest...



Hi Pierre,

just a little note about your todays TI-58C update:

This time was the first time that the updated EXE didn't run (just gave an error message), until I found out that the problem was a missing 'TI58C.Mem' file.
Usually I delete this file if I want to remove all traces of previous calculation or settings, and until today all updates were also working without this file, they just created a new one at startup - but not the version of today.

Fortunately I still had the last version, so I could get it to work, but I guess this behaviour is not intended.


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