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Day 1 9/22/2012

Day 2 9/23/2012

To those who have not attended a conference, go, it is so much fun!



Thanks for sharing :-) After all, it would be a loooong way for me to go.


I just asked the new Apple Maps App, and it told me it's only 42 miles away ;-)


Excellent report, Eddie!

I felt privileged to finally attend my first HHC, more than 36 years after buying my first HP. It far exceeded my most positive expectations. It is a complete mystery to me how such a quality event can be executed for the extremely low conference fee charged ($40).

I just wish I hadn't needed to drive so far to get there (93 miles!!!) :-)


Yep, 93 miles is bad! :-)

Good to meet you at this gathering.

Since we are only 93 miles away, we should meet 1/2 sometime for a breakfast or lunch and stay in touch


Thanks for the recap, Eddie! Would love to have gone, but it was too far for me.

Any news or information (that you can share) on whether or not the 30b continues to be produced?



Thanks for the feedback! I am spending tonight reading over the contents of the USB drive and CD we got from the conference.

By the way, thank you for the USB drive, it really saved me a lot room in my luggage and allowed me not have to check in my luggage. :) However, I will be spend some time printing articles tonight because I like printed articles.


Edited: 24 Sept 2012, 8:33 p.m.


Any news or information (that you can share) on whether or not the 30b continues to be produced?

I asked Tim if the 20b, 30b, and 48gii had been discontinued. He answered, and I hope he'll be willing to repeat the answer here since it's really a question about the past, not the future.




And the answer was ???

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