82169a and an hpib disc drive


Has anyone utilized an 82169a (hpil-hpib) to interface their calcualtor with an hpib 3.5" disc drive? If so, which one?

The 9114a hpil 3.5" drives are somewhat rare, but the hpib 3.5" drives are not.




No, but I have tried using an 82169A to connect a 9114 to a HP1631 logic analyzer (instead of a 9122 w/HP-IB) and the logic analyzer did not see the floppy drive. If anyone has had success doing that I'd like to hear about it.

Alex Knight
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I'm curious about this, too. I should soon have hpil for my 41 and have 2 hpib interfaces for two different types of unix workstations

I haven't got a lot useful to hook up to the HPIB, but that will come. If I could get a 41 to talk to a sun workstation.... well.

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