The Programming Rules from HP's Garage


Have a look a Dr.Dobb's

The Programming Rules from HP's Garage




I would like to say something... but I actually have nothing to.


I would like to say something... but I actually have nothing to.

Well I do... what utter bullshit.

They may be ten useful rules but there's no way on earth two men in a garage need ten rules. Did the editors of Dr Dobbs feel the article was so weak it needed a spurious attribution to someone famous?

I have it on good authority, from a psychic friend of mine, that Elvis Presley had a custom made blue suede case for his 12C.



"...keep the tools unlocked..." I really like that one! Reminds me of my last software development job for a large company. They had access control at every entrance door and a lock on every office door. Still the password of every workstation was updated every two or three weeks, as well as the passwords of every server, database or other resource. The new passwords (I needed between 5 to 10 for my projects) had to be longer than 12 characters, contain three or four special characters and needed to differ in at least four places from the previous one. From entering the building to getting your worspace running it took almost 15 minutes every day. And the only way to keep track of these passwords was to write them on a piece of paper that everybody kept in the top drawer of his desk ;-)

What a long way this industry has come since H&P.

Regards, Max

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[...description of security hell deleted...]

Every now and again our IT wants to do something stupid like this. I tell them they are constructing a building with no windows or door: perfectly secure but completely useless!

Someone will cut a big hole to get at the stuff inside. That hole will have no door and no lock and pretty soon everything inside will be stolen.

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And did they expect weekly TPS reports? :-)


The Programming Rules from HP's Garage

I think this has been circulating for some time.

Here is a pointer to some artwork
suitable for inspirational cubicle art which is apparently of HP
marketing origin. It should have sufficient resolution for
rendering up to A3.

Repeat of my plea: I'm still looking for an HP ad which was run
somewhere around 1985 in electronics trade rags in the form of
a full spread photo. It depicted
IIRC a spectrum analyzer which had fallen out of an airplane
during flight. When the remains were recovered the case itself
was shattered but after hauling back to the lab it was found to
still be within calibration. I'd be willing to pay for a decent
scan of that marketing landmark.


This begs the question "How (why?!) did it fall out of an airplane?"!!

When I'm flying (Cessna 172), the first thing I do is make sure the doors are closed & latched!


This begs the question "How (why?!) did it fall out of an airplane?"!!

I'm foggy but I recall it fell out of the cargo hold.

The AD did run for some time. When I'd come across it I was
coincidentally working on a unix port to both hp9816 and
(IIRC) hp9000/310 68k machines.
Given its battle-duty boilerplate housing and GPIB interconnect
(whose physical design appeared to have been inspired by vehicle
tow ropes) the notion of HP equipment surviving a fall out of
the sky didn't strike me as particularly notable.


uhmgawa; what i'd like is a photo of the legendary 12c which was eaten, passed through a cow, and still worked.

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