OT: Casio Fx-702p emulator



I've written a Fx-702p emulator available on:


It emulates the RUN, i.e. calculator mode and can of course execute the 702p Basic programs. It even includes a full symbolic debugger.

A documentation and the Java sources are also available.

Have fun.



I downloaded and installed your nice emulator. However, when I try to open a (text) program file, the emulator quits!!!





Strange. Which version did you download? Windows or OSX?

And what kind of program file did you try to load?


I am using the Windows version. I try to open one of your .702 files in the Samples folder.



Even stranger: I just downloaded it from Sourceforge and tried it on both XP & Seven. It worked fine.


I accidentally found the file fx702p.jar in the lib folder. When I double click that jar file, I get the GUI for the emulator up and running!!! That version can open .702 program files in the samples folder, load the file, and then execute them!

What am I doing right THIS time?????


PS: I wrote a short BASIC program to add integers. It works just fine! Thank you!

Edited: 15 Sept 2012, 3:38 p.m.


I do not know what your problem is. I've tried it on a Windows 64 bits with 4 processors and it worked just fine.

I guess there is a something wrong with the embedded JRE I use. By clicking on the jar, you must use another one.


The version from the .jar file seems to work just fine. I guess I will use this emulator until you release the next version.



Launching the .jar file should e using the JRE you have installed in Windows.


Can you try:



I guess it's just a bad idea to embed a JRE with a Java program. Distributing just the .jar file should be fine for most users.


I think it's just a bad idea to use Java...


So far, only 1 user had problem with this method.
Relying on Java being installed in a compatible version is not trouble-free neither.


So far, only 1 user had problem with this method.
Relying on Java being installed in a compatible version is not trouble-free neither.

I remember a decade ago when I had as much JREs as Java Applications on disk and hope these times are gone forever. I did my last Java project with Swing and JDBC one year ago without delivering a JRE and haven't heard back since then (It is actually activly used). Fingers crossed ;-).

Are you planning a version for Linux too?



It is already on SourceForge. And it should appear as the default for Linux now too.

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