Books on computing Elementary Functions


I am interested in some background reading on computing Elementary Functions and I came across recommendations to a couple of classics (Hart et al., 1968, Computer Approximations; Cody and Waite 1980 Software Manual for the Elementary Function) and a more modern text (Muller, 2006, Elementary Functions: Algorithms and Implementation).

I was wondering what are your views on these texts, or any other books in the area?

The first one I encountered referenced in a version of the Smalltalk language(Squeak) where, because the source code for the entire system is included with the run-time objects, the accompanying comments showed that a number of floating point methods came from Hart et al's book. I gather that Muller's book covers shift-and-add methods such as the CORDIC method used in HP calculators.


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I really like Muller 2006. It has especially good coverage of range reduction.


I'll second Muller.

Also see message #24 here for a pile more.

- Pauli


Thanks, I'll get myself a copy of Muller to start with.


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It's available as a pdf here.
I don't know if that website has permission from the copyright holder to post it, but there it is.

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