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I just purchased and converted an HP-30b to a WP-34S. Thanks to everyone that made this possible. The problem is that I'm having keyboard issues with several keys. The worst being the + key. It is definitely a hardware problem - I can press and click the + key and hold it down and it still won't register until I press harder.

I called HP and they recommended that I return it to Amazon where I had purchased it. I now need to convert the calculator back to a HP-30b for return. Does someone have the original firmware? How hard is it to peel the keyboard overlays off?



I cannot help you with the original firmware. I doubt they'll notice, but I understand your concern to dumb down the unit to its original state.
Peeling off the key overlays is best done with a very sharp knife like an xacto knife or a cutter knife. With the knife, pry off a corner of the key overlay and peel it off. Be very careful not to cut in the keys with the knife. I managed to end up with a few minuscule cut marks in my keys. The overlay between the keys comes of pretty easy. Cleaning up the glue is best done with alcohol.
Good luck. A shame that your 30b has these issues; my two units have excellent keys.


Thanks for the advice.Gene took care of me as far as the firmware goes.


When you peel labels (in general, but the WP34S overlays in particular), they come off the best if you pull the label at a 90 degree angle from the surface. (Don't pull "back" --- pull "up".) Also, pull slowly and be patient. You want to use the "pressure sensitivity" in the pressure-sensitive adhesive to your advantage. The idea is to let the adhesive come off the key (by applying "negative prssure") with the label. If you pull too hard or too fast, you'll either "split" the adhesive (half on the label and half on the key) or break the label substrate (sheet).

The things you learn on your summer job in the test lab at ( enter name of a company that is now part of a big company that makes lots of label products ).....



Dale, can I suggest that you put this post in an article on this site? There must be many people (me included) who need to replace their keyboard overlays and tips & tricks on removing old overlays would be very helpful.



Yes, I've found about 20% of the 30b calculators that I test have a bad key, and the [+] key is a frequent offender. Even worse, HP refuses to warrant them.

Good luck.



Compare that attitude to the one concerning the ln(2.02) bug of the HP-35. Sorry, just crossed my mind :-(


Part of that is due to the HP 30b selling for 1/40 as much as the HP-35 (over $2000 in today's dollars).

I'm not saying that HP is justified in completely ignoring quality issues, but it is obvious that we can't expect the same level of quality and support as back in the good ol' days.


Of course we can't. But 20% for a key malfunction is a pretty high figure AFAIK production data. And + is, in a way, even worse than ln(2.02).


And + is, in a way, even worse than ln(2.02).

Yes, but the workaround is easier: [+/-] [ - ] :-)


I got a replacement from HP earlier this year for a unit with a bad key, so I guess they have changed their policy.

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I believe the difference was "individual buyer" versus "I am reselling..."




It's the 20% of units that have a bad key that I find troubling.


Mine were bought from Amazon, so it should make no difference to them what I was doing with them afterwards. I was just an ordinary customer at that point.



Yeah, I know... :-|


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