Just inherited a Mestech CA5130 electronic scientific calc. Not an HP, but, hey, the price can't be beat! It is 2nd hand, and came with no user manual. Worse yet, the printing is almost illegible on the keys from wear. Probably only useful as a paperweight, but it DOES work. Not an RPanything... Does anyone have or know where I can get a manual for it? Thanx!


I do not, sorry. But I would really like to see how the calculator looks, it sounds interesting.



I've never heard of Mestech, perhaps some other manufacturer made the calculator for them and they put their name on it. You might want to look through my manual site to see if you find a similar looking one.

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My error... Misspelled the MFR name; it should have been Mastech CA5013. Researching the web shows it to be essentially a $3.00 throwaway, widely available, and cheap, but surprisingly functional and small. You can see photo at:http://www.plusto.com/products/consumer-electronics/109913/scientific-calculator-ca5013.aspx
PS - where can i post a jpg photo so it will show up here?

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When posting here you can link to an image elsewhere on the web by clicking on the Image button below the text entry window and pasting in a link to the image.

Like this:

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This looks the same as is sold in the UK as a Texet fx500
Texet fx-500
If it is, I can send you a paper manual (24 page booklet, 95mm x 58mm) which outlasted the calculator itself. It suffered a sticking key, so I took it apart, only to be unable to reassemble it. Not a great loss though...


Thank you, Derek! Yes, it does look to be the same machine. I would very much appreciate having your manual, or a copy - either electronic as possibly a PDF, or paper. Please contact me at polarbear_mike @ yahoo.com (leave out the spaces) so we can arrange it! Thanks again!

polarbear mike

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