HP 71b Assembler


Hello, I am new to this forum and search for help regarding assembler programming on the HP 71b.

Is there a chance to develop lex files without having the forth/assembler rom?
I am aware that it's possible to use external assemblers on a pc platform or to use EMU71, for example. But I'm looking for an onboard - solution.

There are editors (like the one residing in the jpc-rom), disassemblers, but assemblers? Raymond assumed that assemblers written in BASIC exist. I already searched the (unfortunately practically undocumented) "swap disks", but couldn't find one.


I don't know any assembler on the HP-71B other than the Forth/Assembler module.

There were Basic programs to load LEX files from hex dump, but no assemblers, AFAIK.


Thank you, Jean-Francois. Then obviously there are no other assemblers, according to your knowledge and the (lack of ) answers from the other forum members. It's a pity ... anyone out there who is going to write one? :-)

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