HP-15C LE, wow! New owner euphoria.


When I was in school 25 years ago I salivated after the HP-15C calculator but never had the money to buy it. I used a programmable Canon F-73P instead, which I modified from the non-programmable F-73 by adding the two programming buttons. Made them myself out of modeling plastic.

My next favorite calculator was the Sharp EL-5030 which I still have and still love. Along the way I have bought the HP-49G+ and several basic scientific calculators.

I use a calculator almost daily at work building and maintaining financial IT systems. I am in a managerial position so my calculation needs are pretty simple. I have calculators on every desk at work and at home. I cannot understand how anyone can live without one within hand's reach at any moment.

I week or so ago I noticed the HP-15C LE reissue. I ordered two of them and one of these arrived today. Wow! Just wow! This calculator is the rat's ass, the bull's bollocks, the worm of the earth, the bun of the hamburger, the tooth of the tiger...! You get the picture. No wonder it is legendary. Oh I look forward to using it.

The size is very convenient, the tactile feel of the buttons is fantastic, the layout is pleasing to the eye. I have read the manuals and understand how powerful this calculator is.

My HP RPN lust did not stop here. I have a HP-35S, WP-34S, HP-12C Platinum, HP-30B on the way, too. And just out of curiosity I bought the HP-39gs childrens' calculator.

I am sure I will not be judged insane on this forum for getting my kicks out of calculators. Thank you all for the information and moral support you provide on this site and on this forum.


You'll want to examine the bug report.


Congrats! It does have some bugs but I have two and love mine. Enjoy!

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Congrats! It does have some bugs but I have two and love mine. Enjoy!

Mike, don't forget, please, that LOVE is blind


Don't worry there will be an angry mob here shortly to pour a bucket of ice water on you.


I have read all about the bugs. I used to write buggy software myself so it's just karma, I suppose. :-)


You also should look at this.http://www.rpn-calc.ch/


Thanks! Ordered the HP-15C miniature right away.


That's the DM-15CC. It seems to have emulated the original HP-15C firmware with much better fidelity than does HP's product. It's cute, especially along side the other four DM-1xCC Voyagers.


If you into collecting or just interested in hp calc in general, spend a little more on an hp42s. yes, it's not cheap, but you will see why 42s is not cheap. there's a reason for it. after that, get an hp 41. Then get an original hp15c so you can see how it is....


It's a great calc! There are minor bugs, and this crowd (me included) tends to be hard on such things. But don't let us pour cold water on your enjoyment!




You may want to download the Advanced Functions Handbook too.

I cannot understand how anyone can live without one within hand's reach at any moment.

People think that they don't need math in their daily lives, but I think it's more that they make do without it.


The 15LE triggered me to start collecting the whole Voyager line (including the DM15CC). Only the 10C is missing - love each of them.

Regarding the bugs: Aint it the imperfections that make us really love something?



Regarding the bugs: Aint it the imperfections that make us really love something?

I've heard that theory, too, but if that's the case, I just spent quite a bit of money to have our mechanic make our car less lovable. But yes, I do love the 15C LE despite its imperfections.

I'd like to get a 10C, too, once the wallet recovers.


Welcome to the club, Sasu. :)


I'm with you, Sasu. More and more, I'm finding that for my everyday calculations, I'm reaching for my 15c, bypassing all the others. It's easy to find the functions you need, has a great display, and wonderful button feel. Everything to love about it. The bugs might be a factor if you're playing hard with it, but are no problem for my real-world calculating. Glad to have you on board! There's a lot of hard-nosed, hard-to-please old geezers on this site, but also a lot of passion, expertise, and history, so don't be a stranger here. On this web blog, you're actually weird if you DON'T get your kicks out of calculators!


I just received my 15C LE from USA (lives in Sweden) and I really enjoyed unpacking the thing (like Christmas evening, when I was a kid). Nice package, nice manual and a very nice calculator.

I don't care abt the few bugs, the 15C still has that little magic I came to know back at the university days.

Now I just have to wait and see if I'll grab my 15C-LE or my 41CV during my daily tasks.

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