Rubber Feet


How can I get replacement feet for an HP-12C? Even though the item is still current, HP doesn't stock small parts for calculators anymore.


I don't think these feet will be all that hard to replace.

I do not have a 12c, but a 15c (very similar body) and I think it would be possible to cut some rubber sheet (say from a tire repair kit, the kind sold for bicycles) into rectangles of the propr size, and glue it down with contact cement.

Any comments, y'all? ;-)


Try a hobby or craft shop. (The kind that sells stuff to make flower arrangements, clocks, painted shirts, etc. by hand.) We have Michael's Craft shop or Hobby Lobby where I live. I have seen thin rubber sheets with adhesive backing there and filed it away for later use. It looked like it would work well, but it was a year or so ago when I saw it.

Another option would be a home improvement or hardware store. They sell a large assortment of small rubber pads to place under appliances and furniture.

No great answer I'm afraid, but maybe a few leads.


Almost all the tire patch/craft store rubber is too thin to make feet. They need to be around 1/16 inch thick. A truck tire inner tue works well. Also try EPDM roofing rubber. Home Depot sells it in their garden area (used to line fountains). Only problem is it comes in 15 foot wide rolls (at around $1 sq/foot). Stick them down with double sided scotch tape.


Thanks for the responses.

I guess I will have to be creative.
I will try radio shack or my bicycle patch kit.


Does anybody know of a good replacement material for the
two feet at the top of an HP-25? Thanks.


someone here suggested whittleing woodstock feet out of similar colored eraser material. thats the best idea i've found.

re 12c: the cheaper tire repair kits have thicker rubber.


Yes, I make my Woodstock footsies out of an eraser made by Sanford. It is available at just about any office supply store. Works and looks just like the real thing. It is a bit more "crumbly" than the orignals, but removes pencil marks better ;). Sometimes you have to cut out a few of them to find a piece of the eraser that does not have small bubbles in it.

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