"The Basic HP-71"


Is the book "The Basic HP-71" by Richard Harvey still under copy right protection? Please let me know.


That depends. Has Richard Harvey been dead for 70 years yet?


I was wondering if I could copy the book for someone.


Copyright is for the life of the author plus 70 years. The next time Mickey Mouse nears dropping out of copyright, Disney will push through an extension, like they did the last two times. This graph implies that they will next try to do so in 2023. They have a good track record.

So the book you mention almost certainly remains under copyright. Everything you see created around you now gets an automatic copyright and a term of 70 years after the (ever expanding) lifetimes of the authors. Without specific action on the part of an author, nothing you see today will be legal to publish in an enthusiast forum like this until after you are dead.

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