HHC 2012 - I found what I am going to wear


I think I will be wearing this in Nashville.

Thanks to N & S Expressions in Santa Barbara, CA.



My friend and I were just discussing solving for pi at lunch the other day.



Maybe you could describe what you plan to wear for us poor folks that don't have (or want) a Twitter account.




AFAIK you don't need a twitter account to see his shirt.


The link he provided just leads me to a Twitter login/setup a new account page. There does not seem to be an option to see his stuff if you don't have or create a Twitter account (which I have no need for).


There does not seem to be an option to see his stuff if you don't have or create a Twitter account (which I have no need for).

Nor do I, but it looks different here. Anyway, the picture shows a blue shirt with yellow print reading "e^(i pi) + 1 = 0". FWIW

Hi Don,

Twitter login/setup a new account page

Yep, That's what I saw also.

I'm not a Twitter/Face Book/Google Plus/ETC person. I just don't have the time. If I was 50 years younger, then who knows.




I think this link does the trick:

(I don't have a twitter account either)

Edited: 29 Aug 2012, 11:20 a.m.


Thanks Gerson. Yeah, that link worked.



I am not an expert on picking Twitter links myself - and to do it on a phone, that was a challenge.



I got another Pi T-Shirt that I will bring to the conference!!!




I got another Pi T-Shirt that I will bring to the conference!!!


Looking forward to it! We will be wearing Pi shirts with our blue HP 50g calculators. :) Can't wait.



Cool shirt. I'm always looking for something new to cause "normal" folks to give me a quizzical look. Yours looks good, but I think I’d prefer a different font, more like this:

Did you get a choice, or is the block-style lettering you got all they had?




I confessed that I didn't ask.


No confession necessary, still a cool shirt. Probably no one else other than me would notice or worry about the dang font.


Not just you ;)



Could you identify that font by name? I have a bunch of (HP) inkjet t-shirt transfers and I want to print me up a couple knurd shirts.


p.s.: "Knurd" is the official Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute spelling of "nerd". (Try it sdrawkcab.)


Could you identify that font by name?

Try this . You can submit (part of) a graphic file and it tries to figure out the font.


The e, i, +, 1, =, and 0 are Century Schoolbook italic bold. The pi symbol is the italic bold version of the character I get when I type a "p" using the Symbol font on my computer.

I'll take a medium (38-40) shirt, mabye light blue with red lettering :-)


Sorry, all we stock is XXL. (Perhaps you could use it as a tent for HHC and avoid the hotel room cost...)

Actually, I think it would be cool to use a black shirt and white hand-style lettering so it looks like a chalkboard. Remember those? But I'd have to buy the t-shirt transfers for dark shirts --- the ones I have are for white/light shirts, and they don't work well on dark shirts. And making it look like marker lettering on a dry-erase whiteboard just wouldn't be the same. Gotta be chalkboard!

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