Equations library on WP34S



I would like to store some equations on my calc and show them on display when I need (during an exam) in case my memory fails.
On my 35s I can type them in the equation list but how can I do on 34s ?





Buon giorno Alessandro,

All the WP 34S offers for ... ummmh ... such purposes is its 30 byte alpha register. Finito! You may, however, write a program loading this register and displaying its different contents (via that terrific 43x6 pixel display section) after pressing particular keys. After having written said program, you will presumably know the respective equations by heart - and this is what you really want to achieve, don't you?

Cordialmente ;-)

Edited: 27 Aug 2012, 10:05 a.m.


Thanks Walter,

too complicated way, I must agree with you .


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