HP 32sii replacement units


Does anyone out there know if HP is going to sell off the extra 32sii warranty replacement units sometime in the future. IF so, when would this happen and through what source would someone try to obtain one? I would guess that it would happen about a year after the last new 32sii was sold, but I have no idea when that occured.


If Hp follows their previous support timeline of 5 years, we should be able to buy the remaining inventory in January 2007.

They will be the new color scheme, black with teal and lavender or whatever colors they're called. Complete with painted keytops.


These will probably show up the same way the 42S units did a while ago - as some semi-exotic HP part number and description, stumbled upon by one of our enterprising band who just happens to be checking HP's on-line catalog.

If that happens, order quickly! The 42S's sold out in a few days.

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