PCMCIA SD adapter for 200 LX?


Could i use a PCMCIA SD adapter with my 200LX? I know some people use compact flash but was just wondering if this is another option as i have several small size 128 mb SD and microsd cards

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I just went ahead and got a 128 mb sandisk compactflash and pcmcia type 1 adapter from ebay. Read somewhere that SD card and reader might have some compatibility problem. So gonna save myself the trouble.....


Here's a big list of what works well (and not so well) with the HP200LX.


Found that also. which was what leaded me to forget the idea of using SD memory.


I've tried a SD card in a CF adapter in a PCMIA adapter. Would not work on the HP-200LX. I think a SD card in a PCMIA adapter might work, but haven't tried that combo.

I do know that a Sony memory stick in a PCMIA adaper does work.


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