TI58C By Pierre Houbert Updated


In answer to messages (HP forum Archives 21) 10 to 13 on July (I was on holidays) of Namir and Les Koller:

Thank you for your interest about my program, I hope to continue to satisfy you.

For Matt Agajanian, I am sorry but I do not work in the MAC environment but I can supply sources (VB) to every person able to make a migration.
Write me via the site ti58c.ift.cx

Thanks again to all, my passion motivates me but your remarks helps me to progress.




I see that you have a new updated, dated August 20. Your emulator is really awesome!!!




Thanks !
Now you have printer skins and sounds included in themes.
(try golf theme for example)



The kind of enhancements you bring to an emulator makes the emulators very special!!!



I am only adding to my emulator what I was dreaming for my TI, 30 years ago...

And my dreams are not all satisfied yet.


How about a listing checker that detects wrong keywords and wrong sequence of program components?



See last version (2012/08/27) and majliste.pdf



Thank you for the keyword checking feature!!!



To echo Namir's findings, the emulator is excellent!


Thanks !




Maybe you can attend one of the HHC conferences and give a talk about your fantastic TI-58C emulator.

What part of France do you live in?




Sorry for my late answer but me was in London for the opening of paralympics games.

For the conferences HHC, I believed that they concerned only the world HP.

I live in France in the south suburb of Paris (24 km)




thanks for the great work which brings back memories (I used to be a TI guy).

A few things:

Is the "Applied Statistics" module available? (I do own the original and hope that it still exists.)

The module self test fails consistently. Do you have an explanation?




I have not the "Applied Statistics" module so I can't test it. (Nor RPN module whom I shall have liked testing)

For the self test, I am going to make tests to understand why "1" flash...

Thank you for your remarks.


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