Take Five (Dave Brubeck would be proud)


Hello all.

As an interesting question for you collectors, are there any here who've collected (or have in their set) all the 5s--15C, 25/25C, 35, etc.?


No but I can tell you take 'Take Five' is in 5/4 time and that there are actually LYRICS to the song! Pretty cool lyrics too. Thing is I have never been able to acquire a copy of the song with the vocal track! (Okay Al Jarreau recorded one but it is worthless...) The lyrics are basically about watching a girl walking down the street...

So if ANY of you eclectic geniuses out there happen to have such a recording PLEASE let me know...


You might want to have a listen to Elaine Elias' version from her 'Light My Fire' CD.

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Vocals by Carmen McRae...





Heard it live a few weeks ago at a little club in Chicago. Most people there did not know it had lyrics. Very cool!


are there any here who've collected (or have in their set) all the 5s--15C, 25/25C, 35, etc.?

No, I miss the 95C...


I don't think the 95C was ever released anyway. Although, some of the concepts did surface in the programming structure of the 35S.


You guys never cease to impress. Well in a vain attempt to contribute (something...) Do you guys know that most of Chick Corea's songs have lyrics? I discovered this (much to my amazement) when I discovered Flora Purim. She is from Brazil. Same place that Gato Barbieri guy is from. And that Eumir Deodato dude too. Oh and this guy Paco DeLucia, bad ass guitar player... he's from down there... something in the water? the air? No clue.


Paco de Lucía is from Andalucía, Spain.


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I stand corrected. I thought he was Brazilian. Did he live in Brazil? Or did I get that totally wrong. (I assume you are also a fan?)


Also, Gato Barbieri is from neighboring Argentina:


You're right about Flora Purim and Eumir Deodato. Also from Brazil, but in a completely different category, are unsuspected names like Morris Albert, Tony Stevens, Michael Sullivan, Steve MacLean and others. With the exception of the first, they are known only locally, however.


http://natrilhadovinil.blogspot.com.br/2009/12/brasileiros-que-cantavam-em-ingles.html (in Portuguese)




I'll have to explore a couple of those people when I get a chance.

Well what other names can I drop? Oh, yea I know, Chris Botti went to the same high school as I did and had the same horn teacher. I saw him perform last year (his mother was in the audience). He had a young lady with him playing violin (apparently he has two young women that take turns performing with him), anyway this was the younger of the two. She played a solo that absolutely blew my mind. I have never heard anything like it, not even close. Most impressive.


As long as you're strolling the Brazil aisle at Amazon, make sure to check out Vania Abreu...

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