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I have an HP 35, type 1, that I bought used in about 1973. It came with the grey plastic case, leather case, charger, manual and a packet of sales literature (I still have all of these items). I used it through college and continued to use it in the years since. It shows quite a bit of wear, but still works. The serial number is 00007. The impression of the 7 is slightly deeper than the 0's. I am interested in selling it, but am not sure how to price it, as it seems to be quite unique (type 1, EXTREMELY low serial number). Can anyone give me any advice? Thank you.


It's hard for me to know how really special yours is (it's not of a kind that I'd buy). But An eBay search for "35" in calculators, asking for "Completed Items", such as http://search-completed.ebay.com/search/search.dll?GetResult&query=35&from=R10&ht=1&currdisp=2&itemtimedisp=1&category2=11711&combine=y&st=2&SortProperty=MetaEndSort suggests $34, $36, $50, & $70. And my impression is that 35's used to be worth more (so they're dropping in value, maybe). So presuming that you want to sell rather than treasure, you may want to sell sooner rather than later, and probably not expect as much as $100....

Not even IMHO, more my SWAGuestimate.


A Red-Dot HP-35 should bring several hundred dollars on Ebay!



Looking at today's http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/forum.cgi?read=22985 I see that they *really* are crazy on eBay, so Randy, forget my historical analysis, it's what they pay tomorrow that counts, not what they paid last week.


a plain jane HP35 with maybe a charger and no case, manuals, etc.

25-75 bucks.

an early run red dot all bugs all bits in working condition.... I cna't afford it. I'd guess that you cna find a buyer willing to offer over $300- I've seen $600 sales. I could be off by a factor of up to 150% easily :) and Ebay is differnet from here. I'd rather sell here for 75% of the ebay average, or even less if I got a good deal in the first place.

The price is going to vary, but it's not going to be hard to move that. Especially if you trade for a pile of toys.(especially if it really does beat the earliest known serno on this site, which is: 1143) but check the decoding! you may and probably do have the 7th of a given production week, not necessarily the first production week.

My guess is that by morning you will have gotten at least three emails offering fairly reasonable sums.


You are correct. I misread the serial no. The printed portion is, in fact, 1143A, and the stamped portion is 00007. Thanks for your insights!


you have 1143A00007?


I'd like to just hold it for a while. That's pretty cool



I think the serial number part before the country code (1143)
was identical on most if not all Red Dots (and later models).
This part of the plate was printed...

Two of my 35's have 1402, another has 1302...



How and why do you guys know so much about some old calculator? You guys are a dieing breed... but thank God there are still guys like you around that can answer questions like this.


The knowledge of old HP calcs of this Community is 1000 better that HP's own knowledge

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