TI 82 socket


Does anyone know the purpose of the socket at the bottom end of the TI 82? I thought perhaps it was for attaching an external 6 volt DC supply but there's no mention of this in the manual.


Probably unit to unit communication.



No, it's a standard 2.5 mm TRS connector (stereo audio jack) for Calc to Calc communication and Calc to PC via the TI connectivity kit , (see also this).


Thanks for the replies. I was about to feed in 6 volts and see if any smoke appeared.



I guess it would not toast anything, but it is indeed a comms port. Keep in mind that most of the low-power, portable C-MOS gadgets do not have a DC outlet... Earlier LED-display calculators used to have it, either for battery charging (mostly) or external DC-operation, but their power consumption was somehow demanding.


Luiz (Brazil)


I suppose I was thinking back to when calculators needed regular recharging. As much as I like LED displays they did have disadvantages, particularly when you tried to read them outside in bright sunlight.


That's one of the many great things about the HP 50g...it can run until doomsday on external power supplied through the USB port.

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