15c logo


Is still available a member that made a new 15c logo?
I have my personal 15C with a very worn logo (most of silver out almost all black and I am searching for a replacement).

Thanks a lot!


Here is Dallas Osborne's announcement, in case you missed it:


I've seen one of those and they look really nice. He made them in batches of twenty or so. Let's hope he'll chime in.


Yes I'm searching it, but, the post is too old to reply and the mail of Osborne is private so i can't contact him.

Any help?


My apologies; I have been out of the loop for quite some time now. I will check to see if there are any more of the logos left. If not, then I may look at casting another batch.


From my previous post you can see i'm searching for one.

Can give me more info?

Thank You!


Here I'm !!!
I'm very intersted in one of your logo.

How i can contact you?



I just send you an email; you got the last one, Mate!

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