If this seller just wants attention, this is a very strange way to get it!



He calls the HP-41 "infamous."

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"He calls the HP-41 "infamous."

And we don't like that in France :(

Unfortunately, access to this particular item has been blocked due to legal restrictions in some countries. ...





Interesting power supply system he devised. Sounds like he's one of us.


If he was one of us, he would not describe the 41C as infamous. If this modified calculator is hardwired, it is no longer 'really' portable as in shirt-pocket portable. Not something I would buy.



Not only that, but the seller states:

I don't recall how to use RPN...

Could you image anyone here saying that! As I age, I'm pretty sure that the very last piece of knowledge to vaporize from my semi-functional, cranial neural net will be how RPN works.


Well that statement is imflammable, er, flammable, er inflammable, er.....

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yall are right. i asked him and this is his reply:


Thanks for your interest in my items. The original owner of the calculator added the power supply and capacitors, he's an electronics engineer. Back in the 80's he upgraded to an HP-41CV and he gave me the HP-32E and I used it in that configuration for several years, until I left the electronics business and kept the HP-32E in storage. I'll try to take a photo tonight to put in the description.
Hope this asnwers your questions.



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Interesting power supply system he devised. Sounds like he's one of us.

Which makes me think, "that's why this seller's photographed the charger face down so we can't tell the HP faceplate is nonexistent." But then again, a hardwired 'Archer' power supply (as seen in another photo lower on the page) is quite alarming in more ways than one,

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He calls the HP-41 "infamous."

That word conjures up the scene in 'Young Frankenstein' where Dr. Frankenstein's introduced with the phrase, "...whose family name is both famous and infamous." So, is that calc related to Frederick Fronkensteen?


or Froederick...




This person has serious vocabulary limitation or in modern terms - "vocabulary-challenged'.


I guess the seller may have meant "famous" and wrote "infamous"...just a typo.

Or maybe he encountered the infamous connector between the 41 keyboard assembly and CPU board :-)

Anyway, he drew attention here ;-)


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