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We had a discussion a few weeks back about whether HP should build a backlit display calculator, and some one said "No! Hi powered cell phones and tablets are here...just get an app!" I bemoaned that I had a "not-so-smart", aka dumb phone, and wasn't about to pony up for a fancy-schmancy cell phone. Well, my throw down phone cracked yesterday, and I bought my first Android powered device, so you know NOW I gotta get a RPN app for it. If you've had experience with some and had to name your TOP FREE and your TOP PAID app, I'm going to check in to all of them.

I have the RealCalc (non pro edition) and the Droid 48. Lots of people swear by the RealCalcPro..I am particularly interested in ideas about it.

Thanks Guys!

Leslie Koller


BTW, if any one here has written their own app and has it for sale, please let me know about those too. Might as well spend the money among friends, right?


Might as well spend the money among friends, right?

In that case, I would like to point out that Free42 was written by an HP Forum regular. :-)


Hi Thomas,

this is another example that people interested in RPN-Calcs don't find your Free42 in the play-store, just because you're not using the appropriate keywords. What a pity :-(

RealCalc has more than 80.00 downloads and Free42 only has 253. This could only happen because you hide your excellent app so perfectly from being found.

Come on! Günter

BTW: If you're still in New York it's not so far to Nashville :-)

Edit: I mixed up the ratings with the downloads, sorry. But still there is a huge difference 10 to 50 thousands versus 10 to 50 millions of downloads.

Edited: 20 Aug 2012, 3:20 p.m.


free42 is great on Android, iOS, kindle Fire, and more! Well worth a small donation if you're so inclined.. See Thomas' site for more details.

Happy calculating!


I use free42 as the main, front-page-icon, calc application on my phone. It's perfect. I think its form factor happening to match that of a phone helps a lot too.


I'd second Allen's suggestion to load FREE42. It is a full simulation of the HP-42s including virtual printing capability.

It is by far superior to the "RealCalc" (IMHO). And you may have it on your desktop system too, thus providing for easy exchange of programs between the phone and the desktop.

If you are familiar with the HP-42s you'll feel immediately at home :-)

If you wish to work with emulations of other HP-Calcs, have a look at Olivier de Smet's site. I have a lot of them and they are really impressive. Some of them (12c, 33c, 41c) are even for free.



I found his site a while after I originally posted, I have downloaded every thing he has so far, for testing. Thanks for the info.


If you don't have enough calculators model, I just added

- go48sx: fully loaded HP48SX emulator (2 128K card & 82240 printer + help)

- go48gx: HP48GX emulator (one 128K card in slot 1, one 256K card in slot 2 & 82240 printer + help)

Timers and smooth hardware scrolling are emulated (not in droid48).

Those 2 emulators can save/load objects from stack level 1 in binary format (see

As usual in Google Play.


Edited: 21 Aug 2012, 9:21 a.m.


Nice work, Olivier. I asked the droid48 dev to do something about the clock and a few other things and he did not seem interested. Thanks for going the extra mile/km.

These are all great. Too bad I've gone back to iPhone ;(

Best regards.


I put a free 4 banger on play. Its not RPN I'm afraid, but its good for small screens. Works on all sizes.

Look for handycalc by voidware.


Add my vote for free42. I've also put it as an icon on the home page.

I've also installed droid48 and andro12c but free42 is the one I use 99.9% of the time.


Free42 is a work of genius that reproduces the functions of the HP-42S and the HP-82240B. The application also can auto upgrade with future revisions. IMHO it is the finest RPN calculator application possible for any smartphone.

My real HP-42S units have had a much deserved rest since I got a Samsung phone and Free42.


I second that!


I hope you're using my skins available on Tom's site. They are SGS-P.Layout and SGS-L.Layout with associated gifs. SGS is for "Schink's Galaxy S" :-), P and L stand for portrait and landscape mode respectively. Both are optimized for 800x480 screens.



If you want to save or share data out of Droid48, download the companion app Droid48 Reader. It's free from Google Play.

You can read more details on the web site at
or at Google Play at

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