Finally got my HP-49 today at long last! The 49's default mode on reset is Symbolic can anyone remember if this was true of the 48's?


I believe that this was also the default mode for the 48... Wait, I have a quick reference card handy...

Yup, flag -2 (default for all system flags was clear)

Clear = Symbolic evaluation Set = Numeric evaluation


Thanks Marwan, I'll reset one of my 48's and try this as a comparison, however the 49's symbolic mode is a little agressive e.g entering 22 [enter] 7 / just bungs 22/7 onto the screen now that seems to be a little symbolic for me (who just wants an answer). Maybe my memory is fading or these new-fangled LCD display machines are getting to me :)


Does this have anything to do with the fact that the default mode for the HP49G is *not* RPN (or so I heard)? Yes, I would say that this approach is a *little* too agressive. There may be multiple falgs to choose how agressive you want it to be? Let us know what you find out. I will get to order mine next month .



Dear Dave: I have an HP49 on order and it should be here in a couple of days. I would like to know if the HP49 calculator comes with a cable hook-up for the a PC? I have a HP48SX that I will be selling and the PC connector cable and need to know if I need to keep the PC connector cable for the new HP49.

Thank you for your information, Michael Robbins


Michael, the 49 comes with a cable - its a 10 pin cable (like the hp200). Caution -the package for the American 49 is different to the european maybe an American 49 owner should comment?


Actually I believe that I read somewhere that the calc *does* come with a cable. So I would assume that the US model does to. I guess they had to do this when they decided not to include an IR port. I believe that the cable comes with adapters to connect to both a PC and another HP49? Can it connect to an HP48?



Marwan, I based my doubts on a description of the American packaging which do not come with a box! The cable is a HP200 style 10 to 9 pin no adaptor supplied back to 10 pins. There is an IR port! I would expect the 48 and 49 to talk after all there is little difference between them. Perhaps it would be better to have a delay before you get the machine as the supplied instruction manual is (a) basic (b) continually refers you to to the HP web site 'advanced user' manual which doesnt exist yet! The registration card allows you to apply for the bound manuals. So far as I can see so far, the calculator in its default mode cannot be picked up and used to calculate, it agressivley tries to make everything symbolic, nor is it obvious to a first time user how to stop this. *Do* look at the standard introduction manual on HP's site http://www.hp.com/calculators/products/books_manuals.html#m49g

You are correct the default mode is algebraic :( Another good place to look for the information started is the bottom of the following page http://www.hp.com/calculators/hp49/


The 49G has a 10-pin serial connector. Included with the 49G is a 10-wire cable (with 10-pin connectors on both ends, for communication between two 49G's) and a 10-pin to 4-pin adapter (for communication between a 49G and 48 series). It does not include a cable for connecting directly between the 49G and a PC.

The reason the 49G has a 10-pin connector is for additional signals which make it able to directly drive the new overhead projector display.

Although the 49G's 10-pin connector "looks" like the 200LX 10-pin connector, you CANNOT use the 200LX's PC cable. They have different pin-outs, and they are not physically compatible (the 200LX's cable will not plug into the 49G's 10-pin connnector). An for good reason.. if it were plugged into a PC, the 200LX's 10-wire cable would backfeed excessive voltage signals onto the 49G's overhead projector lower voltage bus.

To connect the 49G to a PC requires the standard 48 series 4-wire cable (which is a DB9 to 4-pin connector) and the HP 38 4-pin to 10-pin adapter that comes with the HP 48 connectivity kit (apparently the 38 also has a 10-pin connector). Alternatively, you can buy the new 49G connectivity kit, which I understand is a free accessory (when requested) in Europe. Hopefully HP USA will follow suit.

For more info about the 49G to PC cable, see HP's own Jean-Yves Avenard's 8/26/99 posting in the comp.sys.hp48 usenet newsgroup. Here is the pertinent passage:


You can use the HP48 cable and the HP38G adapter that comes in the current HP48 connectivity kit, to connect your HP49 to a PC.

So to summarize...

If you have the HP48 cable (4 pins connector) and the HP38G adapter (4 pins to 10 pins). Then EVERYTHING IS FINE ...


Good Luck, Matt


Your right Matt! Upon closer examination the cable is 10 to 10 pin, which begs the questions: (1) How many of us are actually going to use it with with OHP units and (2) How many of us are going to interconnect HP49's? Thanks, its good to know I do have a viable cable at least!


Huh??? The thing has an IR port? Now I am really confused. I thought that they did not have an IR port and that the pin used for driving the port on the 48 was being used for the EPROM (or whatever) memory of the 49? Would someone please clarify?




Marwan Your right...it has a 'IR' looking lens on top but nothing behind. Apologies, I'll stick to pre-80's stuff from now on. Meantime - if I take the 49 back do you think I'll get my money back, this is clearly not the machine I thought I was getting!


I would think the symbolic results thing can be easily corrected... What else do you not like about the machine? I have been thinking about getting one and would like to know "the good, the bad, and the ugly"... I was under the impression that the machine was much faster then the 48 (due to the system rewrite -- no change in processor speed) and that the screen was much improved.

Marwan Joury

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