HP-41CV decimal


How to get decimal to display instead of comma?


Set Flag 28 = 1 makes the decimal point the radix and comma the seperator.

When Flag 28 = 0, its the opposite, what you have now.

Flag 29 controls the seperator, on/off.


Thank you Randy. Works perfectly.

Next Question: I have Financial pac1. How to initialize programs. In the past I switched to user mode and entered shift and the program name from the overlay but this no longer starts the program. Is there something else to do to start the packaged programs?



the primary programs for the Financial Pack are:

in normal mode, not USER, type:

After this, all labels shown in MONEY overlay become active (USER mode on)

IRR Internal Rate of Return


MIRR Modified IRR


NPV (same key sequence, with NPV instead or MIRR) Net Present Value

AMORT Amortization

SL Straight Line Depreciation

DB Declining Balance Depreciation

SOYD Sum-Of-the-Years'-Digits Deptreciation

in normal mode, not USER, type:

After this, all labels shown in BOND overlay become active (USER mode on)

DAYS Days between dates

Executing any of these programs will lead you to (it seems you know that) related interactive computations. Note that some sets are changed by the programs (deciaml places, fixed notation, among others). Also, if you have any assignments to programs or fucntions related to the keys on the overlays, these assignments will prevail (these keys must be "cleared" so they will become active)

If you still have any doubts, post again or e-mail me.

Best regards.

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