One owner HP 11c


One year of watching craigslist paid off today. Was able to pick up an absolutely pristine 11c with the original case and manual for 40 dollars. The person selling it bought it new in january 83 (it's an 82 manufacture date) but said he liked Sharp better so didn't use it much. I have had more success getting a excellent condition calc on craigslist than i have on TAS. Hopefully that pristine 15c will show up soon.....and then a 16c. Lol. Forty dollars is much easier to explain to the wife also. :)


For that much, I'd go for it--even to have as a backup. Excellent hunting prize! Congratulations!!


Well, I wasn´t that lucky regarding the price but... several months ago I bought in TAS also a pristine, beautiful 11C. It is so well preserved that I have only taken it out of the box two times.

It was like 6 times what you paid for yours, including shipping to Mx, but being the 11C my first HP, I´m "emotionally" attached to this model.

Too bad it is just to slow for today standards...


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