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Last weekend I obtained a pristine Sharp EL-211 for my collection. That device was offered in 1980. I paid two dollars at a church rummage sale. One end of the carton was slightly damaged. Inside I found the calculator, the instructions and a pair of AA cells. The calculator was still in its plastic bag. I don't think that it had ever had cells installed.

The two nonrechargeable AA cells are still in a sealed plastic bag. The nomenclature is Sharp UM-3(E)1.5V. There is no sign of leakage. Will this kind of cell last forever?. Are 32 year old never-used cells of interest to anyone?


I paid two dollars at a church rummage sale.

I hate when you say that, makes me feel like an irresponsible big spender :-) Latest acquisitions here: 1 tall key HP-41C (~$170), 1 TI-57 (~$45)

Congratulations for yet another bargain!


Hello, Gerson.

I found one TI-59 for R$50,00 (US$24,51) and one TI-57 for R$58,00 (US$28,43) both "almost" NIB, with perfect and intact boxes and manuals (in portuguese) and chargers, here in MercadoLivre [ our ebay :-) ]....

...I would like to find some HP's in same conditions and prices :-)



Hello Jamil!

So you are the one who's been grabbing all the good deals! Just kidding :-)

By the way, thanks for letting me know of that beautiful tall keys HP-41C. I really love it!




Are 32 year old never-used cells of interest to anyone?

Possibly the chemists at whatever company made the batteries!?

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