What's are the HP-56 and HP-66?


Hello all.

If you remember forum member Jose Goncalves' hptree.pdf file, 'The Real Roaring 20s,' a line goes up from the HP-65 to an HP-66. Just the same, a line extends up from the HP-55 to the HP-56. But, there are no pictures or write-up of an HP-56 or HP-66 here at MoHPC. So, just what are these models and where can I see a pic and find out about them?


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There isn't an HP-66, though there was a design study that led to the HP 9815.


Ah, the History section. Thanks for the compass point.


So who has possession of these prototypes?


Can't say I do (otherwise I wouldn't have made the post).


Prototypes? There weren't any, unless you count the wooden models.

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