Seeking new resources for TI NSpire Programming


Hi All,

I am in the process of implementing two applications for various machines and software apps (Matlab, Excel VBA, HP-41CX (and HP-42S), HP-71B, and WP34S). I am asking if anyone out there knows of NEW resources for programming the TI NSpire CAS CX. I would like to port the two apps to that machine.

I have really benefited from Tom Okken's Free42 emulator in debugging the programs for the HP-41CX. I used one of his utility apps to convert my textual listing into binary .raw files that the Free42 and the HP-41CX emulators can read. Using the Free42's emulated printer in trace mode has been a life saver to catch wicked bugs! Thanks Tom for a wonderful emulator.




I am asking if anyone out there knows of NEW resources for programming the TI NSpire CAS CX.

Hi Namir,

what do you mean with "NEW resources"? What exactly are you looking for?



I am looking for recent postings that discuss TI NSpire CA CX programming.



Do you know the TI-Planet?

Maybe Lionel Debroux can help you.


Thanks for the tip. I had heard about it. Did they redesign the web pages?



In Agust 2011 TI-Bank became TI-Planet. Read this post.


Another good forum is Omnimaga - lots of discussions (also about TI programming):

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