HP41 ASCII File Sort Routine?


I would like to sort an ASCII file in extended memory, some 100-150 records. I was wondering if anyone ever wrote/came across a routine to do this.

My records are all 24 bytes long and I need to sort the entire length.

I can transfer them to a PC and sort them there and bring them back, but I was looking for a completely 41 based solution.

If anyone could point one out for me I'd appreciate it. I suppose I could write one, but it seemed like something someone would have done before. Thanks.


Not much help - I know but I believe there was a sort routine in the PPC ROM.


There is also a sort routine in the Extended Functions made easy book by Keith Jarrett if I am not mistaken.


Dearing's 'Calculator Tips and Routines contains five sort routines: Quick Sort, Stack Sort, Synthetic Quick Sort, Smallest/Largest of 3 Numbers, and Synthetic Alphabetize. The latter is, as noted in another response, from PPC ROM- Wickes, Jarrett et. al. I can send the routines if you wish. Good kuck.

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