HP-85 on eBay with MoHPC pic


Yet another auction with a MoHPC picture:

It gets worse as the auction is for an HP-85 but the picture shows an HP-85B.

I sent an email to the seller, but I am posting the link here for the record.


I like how the eBay ad gives credit where it's due, "You can find out more about the HP85 at the The Museum of HP Calculators.", this still isn't David G. Hicks permission, but at least it's not quite such a blatant theft. And just how much trouble would it have been to either ask Dave's permission, or merely forego the photo, and give a link into MoHPC's 85 stuff?


Another one (this one for an HP 86):

This one at least acknowledges the HP Museum and mentions that the picture is stolen from there. In fact the picture link goes back to the MoHPC site.

The annoying thing is that the torrent of info copied from the HP Museum obscures the complete lack of any detail of the offered item.



Generally, I have only asked that ebay users acknowledge the source, which he has done. Do you think I should be tougher than that?


Dave wrote:

> Generally, I have only asked that ebay users acknowledge the source, which he has done. Do you think I should be tougher than that?

No. As long as the seller makes it clear that the image
is not of the actual item being sold, is not consuming
your bandwidth, and does mention the source, I think there's
no misdeed involved, and you're somewhat compensated for
the 'publicity' your site is given, which will certainly
attract many would-be buyers to have a look.

Besides, not everyone has a suitable digital camera
and/or scanner and/or knows how to make good
pictures. And a blurred, unfocused, dark picture is much
worse to attract attention to his/her probably adequately
good item than a general, stock picture.

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